The ActionAid initiative.

Luna has decided to support the cause of ActionAid, an international non-profit organization, in fighting poverty and inequality for those that can’t fight for themselves, mainly women and children. It was the first organization to introduce the innovative system of adopting a child. Adopting that child of course doesn’t mean that its brother or friend are left to their luck, as the money donated go collectively into various causes in the region, so the child adoptions are symbolic and help bring a personal touch between the donator and his child.

Why ActionAid?

ActionAid has not been chosen randomly. It is one of those organizations that the donated money actually end up where they are meant to. They pride themselves that more than 80% of the donations are offered to support the cause. That 80% comes from accredited organizations that control the financial data of ActionAid. But the high donations to programs ratio is not the only reason. See, our CEO Ioannis Krasopoulos has been supporting ActionAid for the last 15 years. One of his recent trips was on Rwanda, where, together with the ActionAid mission they  built a school and had the chance to see the results of the ActionAid activity first hand by visiting other villages nearby.

So why now?

We asked Ioannis the question, so we give you his answer. Why hasn’t Luna done anything similar in the past?

For all my life, I believed that donating to charities should be something done for oneself, not to be shared with coworkers, friends etc. with the belief that sharing it means removing the selflessness of the cause itself. That also meant, regrettably, not promoting charity through my work.

So what changed your belief?

Seeing the conditions that people live in Rwandas remote villages, made me realize how huge the problem is. We are talking about people living without electricity, communications or even the bare necessities such as water. Most of all, it made me realize the sheer amount of luck I had, born just 4500km to the north, having the opportunity get educated, have a house, turn the sink on and having drinkable water pouring down from it…

How will Luna help ActionAid?

Luna is one of the thousands of companies that support charitable causes. They donate an amount and then put the logo on their website and their catalogue, done. We didn’t want that. So instead of a single donation we decided in collaboration with ActionAid Italia to make our donation in the form of adoptions. We then took these adoptions and offered them to our collaborators, free for one year. The plan is that, some of these collaborators, including influencers from various industries, will keep supporting ActionAid by their own means at the end of that year and will also spread the message of ActionAid. Next year Luna will offer the donations to different collaborators, spreading the message.

Luna cannot change the world alone, but the world can change the world.

I want to learn more about ActionAid and maybe donate, what should I do?

To donate or adopt a child, please visit:
Please note the /luna on the url. Luna does not, in any way, benefit from ActionAid. The /luna part of the link exists for the sole purpose of measuring the result of our effort. You are free to visit your country’s ActionAid affiliate and donate there instead.
To learn more about the cause of ActionAid, please visit: