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The Luna logo is the most visible and one of our most valuable assets. Therefore it is essential to learn how to best represent the logo and Luna brand in media and print materials.

Color of the logo.


The logo can be displayed white on black background or black on white background.


The logo can also be displayed very dark or very light grey. Be certain that the color of the logo contrasts the color of the background.


HEX: #222222

CMYK: 71/65/64/72


HEX: #f2f2f2

CMYK: 04/04/03/0

Grey logo on light grey
White logo on black
Black logo on white
White logo on violet

Clear space.

The clear space around the logotype on all sides should be equal to one third of the height of the logo for maximum legibility and impact.

Logo clear space

Minimum reproduction size.

The size of the logo should not be smaller than 75px for digital formats or 2.5cm for printed material.

minimum reproduction size - pixels
minimum reproduction size - cm