This group’s features are such that we can say (with little modesty) that Honeymoon is the highest and most luxurious level to be found in our market.

From a variety of over 500 laces, we selected a jacquard lace with matt and shiny threads which is elegant in light colors and becomes sexy in dark colors.Starting from this lace we designed an embroidery reproducing the little flower with small leaves and added small motifs embellishing the back, the center breast and the strap joints. As material, we used Sensitive®, a fabric renowned for the advantages offered:

  • softness,
  • vertical and horizontal elastic properties,
  • special fabric weights for the back of fuller bust bras, etc.

This group, studied in every detail from A to Z, style by style, offers a wide range of sizes and cups from 70B to 90F and patterns that satisfy every need.