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Secret Sense

Secret Sense is made with the Sensitive® fabric which is a patented, eco-tech fabric

of excellent quality and of high standards:

  • It has a cotton feeling.
  • It has an antistatic effect.
  • It is very fine.
  • It is anti-pilling, anti-abrasion and anti-rubbing.
  • It is machine washable while shape remains unchanged.
  • It has elasticity in all 4 fabric directions.
  • It contains high percentage (28%) of elastic fiber LYCRA® .
  • It has a special structure that allows the natural air circulation through the fibres.

Secret Sense garments are delicate, comfortable, breathable and easy-to-wear everyday. The characteristics which make this line unique are multiple:

  • All garments are totally manufactured with Sensitive® fabric; consequently, wearing any of the garments there is the feeling of cotton, freshness and softness.
  • Garments keep their initial shape even after several washes.
  • The seamless cups sculpture the bust.
  • The seamless, removable fabric straps are soft and steady at the same time, ensuring movement freedom.
  • Very soft and thin hook and eye which does not harm.
  • 4 brief styles are manufactured with the special technique “Die-cut tech” (laser-cut), cut in such a way without fraying or curling up at the edges.

Given all these qualities, Secret Sense garments are ‘must-haves’ for all seasons!